dwell 127

Dwell 127's  purpose is to provide the highest level of customer service while discovering and delivering the design elements that express who you are throughout your home.  Dwell 127 was founded by the love for residential real estate and design. With almost 20 years of experience in all facets of the home industry, we are an invaluable resource for home buyers.  There are so many ways to express yourself through your home. Our niche is finding a few unique products from designer carpets, to a fun splash of paint on the island, or neat wall detailing that makes each and every home special to the families that live and build their memories in them! The home is a sacred place, and we all deserve to love our home.

our story

As mentioned above, the reason behind opening Dwell 127 was to focus on things that are most important in life.  Dwell 127 is strongly rooted not only from our love for design and quality construction, but also for a pure and simple life.  To truly being able to be you!  Life is a precious gift and you need to 100% enjoy it!